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Ready-Made Outdoor Dining Set
    1. Classic Bamboo Patio Chair Outdoor dining furniture in classic faux bamboo is our best seller and has been from the very beginning.
    1. Outdoor Wicker Chair With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, we strive to be your one and only source for quality outdoor wicker chairs.
    1. All Aluminum Outdoor Chair If you are seeking an elegant outdoor dining set, look to Juncheng and our wide selection of all aluminum outdoor chairs that are sturdy, durable and available at great value.
    1. Aluminum Frame Plastic Chair Whether you are looking for a cleanly, rugged aluminum look or the comfort of plastic back and seat for your outdoor seating, this aluminum frame plastic chair is the ideal choice.
    1. Combination Outdoor Dining Set The combination outdoor dining set uses a combination of different materials in the construction of tables and chairs.

At an annual production rate of more than 400,000 matching chairs and tables, Juncheng has the outdoor dining set that you need to create the perfect outdoor dining space.

Constructed mainly from aluminum profiles, our outdoor dining furniture is lightweight and easy to move around. Surface finishes can be faux bamboo, electrochemical oxidation, or powder coating, depending on customer’s personal liking.

You can choose between artificial materials for the construction of the back and seat of the chair, materials such as Textilene fabrics, PE wicker, plastics, and plastic lumber that need no maintenance, or the natural warmth of teak wood, which only needs a little looking after from time to time. By pairing different styles and sizes of patio furniture, you can add a distinctive decorative touch to the outdoor space.

All featured patio dining chairs and tables are designed and built for use in public places, such as hotels, restaurants and coffee shop. Besides taking the furniture’s appearance into consideration, we also set great store by the chair design which has to be sturdy, durable and meeting international standards so that the furniture is suitable for all weather conditions.

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