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Ready-Made Outdoor Sofa Set
    1. Aluminum Frame Wicker Sofa Though the aluminum frame will be concealed by polyethylene wicker, we do not skimp on spray paints even if they are hidden from view.
    1. All Aluminum Outdoor Sofa This all aluminum outdoor sofa set gives an impressive metallic feel without the unwieldy characteristic of metal furniture. The beefy aluminum frame and modern upholstery team up to create a comfortable outdoor seating solution that holds up well under many weather variations.
    1. Special Aluminum Sofa Set The latest aluminum sofa set features a beefy pure white aluminum frame and nylon support straps imported from Indonesia. Nylon straps are the newest and most exciting trend that hits outdoor furniture in a couple of years.

Advantages and Features of Outdoor Sofa Set
1. A variety of durable, fashionable outdoor sofa sets are available.
2. Cushions are needed for each set of sofa, which are sourced from well-known cushion suppliers in Guangdong.

Key Details of Outdoor Sofa Set
Raw materials: aluminum + resin wicker, or aluminum + binding strap
Production Processes: Tube bending, aluminum welding, acid pickling, drying, powder coating, drying, weaving, assembly, inspection, packaging
Colors: A variety of colors for resin wicker and binding straps
Packaging: 1. We use bubble wrap pouches to pack up the product and add paper to the back, armrest, and other parts prone to bumps. Then the entire package will be put in a large bubble bag.
2. Alternatively, we can use bubble wrap pouches to pack up the product then put the whole package into a paper box. The two packaging methods are priced differently, though both can offer maximum protection against damage.

Surface Treatment
All outdoor sofa sets need to go through pickling and powder coating processes to obtain different colors.

Applications for Outdoor Sofa Set
Juncheng outdoor sofa set is mainly used in café, restaurant, hotel, swimming pool, yacht, among other public places requiring great dependability, ruggedness, and weather resistance.

Outdoor Sofa Set Accessories
Rubber plugs or bolts are available.

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