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Ready-Made Outdoor Chaise Lounge
    1. Textilene Chaise Lounge Featured Textilene chaise lounge is a basic, bare-bones aluminum frame lounge chair with Textilene fabrics tightly stretched on the frame. It might be a minus to some but many prefer its simplicity.
    1. Wicker Chaise Lounge Choose our wicker chaise lounge for a look of sophisticated elegance. The synthetic, outdoor safe PE wicker weave is designed to withstand exposure to sun and weather, and continues to look and feel beautiful for years to come.

Here is why customers choose our outdoor chaise lounge:
1. We use heavy-gauge aluminum in thickness above 1.5mm to make the chair frame by means of welding. Each fully-welded chair frame will undergo a load bearing test to ensure maximum rigidity. No fake welding is allowed.
2. The polyethylene wicker we use carries a 1-, 2-, or 3-year quality warranty, depending on customer specific requirements.
3. Cushions are needed for each set of sofa, which are sourced from well-known cushion suppliers in Guangdong.

Key Details of Outdoor Chaise Lounge
Raw Materials: Aluminum profile, polyethylene wicker; aluminum, Textilene fabrics
Production Processes: Tube bending, aluminum welding, acid pickling, drying, powder coating, drying, weaving, assembly, testing, assembly
Colors: A variety of colors and styles is available for polyethylene wicker and Textilene fabrics.
Packaging: 1. We use bubble wrap pouches to pack up the patio lounge and add paper to the back, armrest, and other parts prone to bumps. Then the entire package will be put in a large bubble bag.
2. Alternatively, we can use bubble wrap pouches to pack up the outdoor chaise lounge chair then put the whole package into a paper box. The two packaging methods are priced differently, though both can offer maximum protection against damage.

Surface Finish of Outdoor Chaise Lounge
During the construction phase, the aluminum frame will be eventually covered with polyethylene wicker. Having said that, we do not skimp on powder paints applied to the metal frame, despite that it will be hidden from view. Neither do we use shoddy paints to pass off as quality ones. Powder coating will be carried out according to related standards.

Applications for Patio Chaise Lounge
Mainly used beside a swimming pool, on a yacht and at other public places.

Outdoor Lounge Chair Accessories
Rubber plugs, bolts, and other seating components.

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