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Ready-Made Outdoor Table Base
    1. Cast Aluminum Table Base The cast aluminum table base is a major product line of our company. With in-house die casting and tooling capability, we can cast a variety of table bases using multiple die sets.
    1. Cast Iron Table Base Durable, rigid and weather resistant, Juncheng cast iron table base can offer maximum support to some of the heaviest outdoor patio table tops.
    1. Stainless Steel Table Base Prized for the timeless elegance and durability, the stainless steel table base is a popular choice when it comes to picking out the right table base to go with your outdoor café, restaurant, bar, and pub table tops.

Are you looking for an outdoor table base to go with your patio table top? All of our outdoor restaurant table bases, pub and bar table bases and café table bases are designed to offer rigid support to stand up your table.

Here are key details of our outdoor table base:
Raw materials: Cast aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel + iron
Packaging: Bubble wrap pouches are used to wrap up the patio table base then the entire package goes into a paperboard box.

Features and Advantages of Outdoor Table Base
We use multiple die sets for casting a variety of styles of durable table bases.

Surface Finishes
Cast aluminum and cast iron are powder coated. Stainless steel is provided with brushed finishes.

This series of outdoor table base is mainly used in the café, restaurant, and other public places.

Outdoor Table Base Accessories
Rubber plugs, bolts and other accessories are available.

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