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As an expert in providing custom outdoor furniture, we can design and manufacture a wide selection of patio and garden furniture to meet your expectations on durability, beauty and comfortability. Contact one of our furniture designers today to discuss your requirements and then we will make the exact product you want.
    1. Classic Bamboo Patio Chair Outdoor dining furniture in classic faux bamboo is our best seller and has been from the very beginning.
    1. Outdoor Wicker Chair With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, we strive to be your one and only source for quality outdoor wicker chairs.
    1. All Aluminum Outdoor Chair If you are seeking an elegant outdoor dining set, look to Juncheng and our wide selection of all aluminum outdoor chairs that are sturdy, durable and available at great value.
    1. Aluminum Frame Plastic Chair Whether you are looking for a cleanly, rugged aluminum look or the comfort of plastic back and seat for your outdoor seating, this aluminum frame plastic chair is the ideal choice.
    1. Combination Outdoor Dining Set The combination outdoor dining set uses a combination of different materials in the construction of tables and chairs.
    1. Aluminum Frame Wicker Sofa Though the aluminum frame will be concealed by polyethylene wicker, we do not skimp on spray paints even if they are hidden from view.
    1. All Aluminum Outdoor Sofa This all aluminum outdoor sofa set gives an impressive metallic feel without the unwieldy characteristic of metal furniture. The beefy aluminum frame and modern upholstery team up to create a comfortable outdoor seating solution that holds up well under many weather variations.
    1. Special Aluminum Sofa Set The latest aluminum sofa set features a beefy pure white aluminum frame and nylon support straps imported from Indonesia. Nylon straps are the newest and most exciting trend that hits outdoor furniture in a couple of years.
    1. Textilene Chaise Lounge Featured Textilene chaise lounge is a basic, bare-bones aluminum frame lounge chair with Textilene fabrics tightly stretched on the frame. It might be a minus to some but many prefer its simplicity.
    1. Wicker Chaise Lounge Choose our wicker chaise lounge for a look of sophisticated elegance. The synthetic, outdoor safe PE wicker weave is designed to withstand exposure to sun and weather, and continues to look and feel beautiful for years to come.
    1. Cast Aluminum Table Base The cast aluminum table base is a major product line of our company. With in-house die casting and tooling capability, we can cast a variety of table bases using multiple die sets.
    1. Cast Iron Table Base Durable, rigid and weather resistant, Juncheng cast iron table base can offer maximum support to some of the heaviest outdoor patio table tops.
    1. Stainless Steel Table Base Prized for the timeless elegance and durability, the stainless steel table base is a popular choice when it comes to picking out the right table base to go with your outdoor café, restaurant, bar, and pub table tops.