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Raw Material Sourcing

We are a specialist outdoor furniture manufacturer. Our production management team takes raw materials very seriously and groups our material suppliers into different classes. Depending on the type of patio furniture you want, we can source the best materials in the fastest possible time to reduce cycle times and improve production efficiency. We have a comprehensive quality control system in place to ensure raw material quality. Upon customer request, we can import such materials as polyethylene wicker, Textilene fabrics, and Nylon support straps from reputed foreign companies.

    Aluminum warehouse is where various types of aluminum tubes and profiles are stored.

    Each lot of aluminum will be checked in aspects of hardness and specifications to ensure the product meets high quality standards.

    Polyethylene wicker, imported from Indonesia, is checked for thickness, width, tensile strength and color, etc.

Characteristics of Polyethylene Wicker
The PE wicker we’ve used meets international environmental protection standards.
PE wicker resists oxidation and UV light, holding up well under many weather variations.
By using different molds and colors, we can create hundreds of thousands of PE wicker styles from which customers can choose their best fit.

Benefits of Polyethylene Wicker
The best part of using polyethylene wicker instead of natural rattan wicker is that it’s maintenance free. PE wicker does not attract bugs, is easy to clean with water, and tough but resilient to bend into different shapes.

Polyethylene Wicker Classification
High-End PE Wicker
We can import top-rated PE wicker from Indonesia and other countries around the world upon customer request.

Quality PE Wicker
We’ve partnered with Taiwan wicker suppliers for high quality wicker strips at a fair price.

Standard PE Wicker
We also have regular wicker suppliers in China. They can provide PE wicker at an attractive price.

Additionally, we can customize our PE wicker based on customer-provided samples.

Features and Advantages of Textilene Fabrics
Textilene fabrics are color-fast, have high tensile strength and resist water, oil, UV light, aging, wear, corrosion, and chemicals. They are non-toxic, breathable, long lasting materials with a sleek look and cool feel to the touch, suitable for use on outdoor tables, chairs, and beach lounge chairs.

Textilene Fabrics Classification
1. Batyline (Italy)
2. USA Brand
3. Home Brand

Features of Nylon Support Straps
1. Available in a variety of colors
2. Soft texture creates great tactile sensations.
3. Imported from Indonesia for high quality at an exceptional value.
4. Nylon support straps are the newest and most exciting trend to hit the outdoor sofa set.

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